2 Minutes or Less — Code Geass 17

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Lelouch is such a genuis. 🙂


2 Minutes or Less — Bleach 182

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Not exciting at all. 😦 Except for that short fight…

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2 Minutes or Less — Code Geass 16

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The world is up for grabs!

Black Lagoon — Finally Will Have a 3rd Season!

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Oh thank god.

In the past couple years, Black Lagoon is definitely one of my top 5 titles.

I’ve been wishing and wishing for a 3rd season. And there finally will be. A third season has been greenlight.

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2 Minutes Or Less — Bleach 181

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An excellent episode if you consider it a filler episode. The animation was great, almost near SS arc quality. That makes me happy inside.

2 Minutes or Less — Code Geass 15

•July 23, 2008 • 1 Comment

Wow. What an episode. Seems like they’re rebooting to lead up to a conclusion that doesn’t resolve anything until season 3. 😉

Dubs Vs Subs Volume 1 — Great Teacher Onizuka

•July 18, 2008 • 1 Comment

Yet another ‘webseries’. 😉

I will be taking the same clips from both versions of an anime (Japanese/English version) and putting them side by side so you an see for yourself why subs are the way to go imho anyway.