Dattebayo Takes Down “2 Minutes Or Less”


I understand that Dattebayo doesn’t want people uploading episodes in full (or in parts) to youtube.

However, with 2 Minutes Or Less, I don’t think they have any right to take them down. I checked my video this morning just to found out that “Dattebayo Inc” had claimed copyright on my video.


Really? Really? That’s pretty petty. Less than 2 minutes of your video in a “review” format infringes on your copyright on something you don’t actually own? That’s ridiculous. If it happens again, I guess I’ll have to ask youtube what to do and to see who’s really in the right.


Seems they’ve taken it down again. Up it goes again.

Edit 2:

And again.


~ by bobber205 on July 11, 2008.

12 Responses to “Dattebayo Takes Down “2 Minutes Or Less””

  1. How about next time Dattebayo asks you to not upload the material they spent time subtitling, you STOP uploading their work! Or they will stop producing it or worse get shut down.

  2. Hmmm…
    I just found this… and I have nothing to do with it, but I’m pretty sure that third time YOU go down (that’s the rules on youtube).

  3. Well the big reason they don’t want any of their work uploaded to such sites, no matter how you adjust it is one of publicity.

    The more publicity they get from sites such as youtube, the more likely they are to receive a cease and desist order.
    The moment they receive one of these then they will stop subbing the anime it refers to.

    Do you really want them to stop fan-subbing things?

  4. You just don’t get it. Putting their stuff on youtube makes them a target. If the people who have the licensing ask them to stop they will. They have said that many times. So unless you want DB subs to go away I suggest you do not make them a target

  5. Honestly I hope Dattebayo gets shut down and that in turn a better more affable fansubbing group can take its place. Their hostility, rudeness and guerilla tactics are ridiculous. They always make claims about it being due to leechers/updloaders/parasites.. but it is more than likely due to their running a professional service they don’t want to suffer because of legal infringement etc. Understandable but their behavior is as disastrous as the people they point their fingers and judge.

  6. Um…. they really don’t have any “professional” services towards Bleach or Naruto. I hope they DON’T get shut down as their quality of releases are really good. (for those of us that are smart enough to use the FREE channels they want to for distribution that is).

    They do a good job fansubbing, and are one of the fastest groups I have ever seen. It’s like clockwork (well was until this last Naruto episode) for me to come home, grab the “seed” file, and get the episode. That’s it. No screwing around with YouTube with it’s crap quality, no waiting for YouTube to buffer enough to watch. Sit back and within half an hour to an hour (usually), I have an episode that looks good at 1680×1050 resolution. Blowing YouTube up to that high of a resolution makes most stuff really painful to watch.

    I wouldn’t doubt that Viz would attempt to axe Dattebayo, as Viz technically holds the rights to everything Dattebayo is subbing right now, and when DB falls, I doubt another will attempt to pick up either Naruto or Bleach for a while. So yeah, you hope DB fails, I don’t see another group that’s even SUBBING Bleach or Naruto – which means if DB gets the axe, then we get no more NEW Naruto or Bleach. What a way to stick it to people that are actually helping you. You, my friend, are an idiot.

  7. Wow dude you really are dumb. Dattebayo is a great subbing group. But apparently because they hurt your little feelings at some point in time you have to complain. What did you do break one of their rules? They put those there for a reason. Now as for your thought of another subbing group taking over, this is just plain ignorant. Dattebayo gets all their releases out in timely fashion. Not many others will have an episode subbed and available the next day. I also bet that despite your complaint about their “guerilla tactics”, hostility and rudeness you still download their files. Here’s an idea: Why not write to them about how you want them to get shut down, be a man complain to the source.

  8. Oh dear the drones are here. Dattebayo is not the end all of all fansubbing groups. Yes I concede that “publicity” brings attention but I would figure that they fact they have thousands of downloads might tip people off. That’s only me though. The fact is most of these companies have known about fan subbing groups far longer than most weaboos discovered while watching Toonami. I think that it’s far too sad that while we commend on Dattebayo’s great service and ability, that we not think that their demise would bring on the apocalypse of the fan-subbing world. If anything the fan-subbing world will prosper especially with the ease of setting up websites out of the United States jurisdiction (that is afterall what we’re afraid of yes? and that is directed to Americans). I think that it is highly idiotic that Dattebayo would go so far as to take such guerilla tactics to delete two minutes of footage due to copyright infringement of illegal material. Had this person done a full episode I could see this (as we do in the very least accept Dattebayo’s conditions while hoping that other fan-subbing groups not follow suit or take over) however it was a two minute clip, a review of an episode. Down with trying to infringe on someone’s first amendment. :/

  9. streaming results in poor quality, and honestly there is no need for something thats free in the first place to be streamed, often times on sites that are making money, dattabayo does a really good job, in fact better than any other fansubs i’ve seen and, i see it like this, it’s their product, if you can’t play by the rules they set, tough shit.

  10. HUH!? basically it comes to the fact they are the only subbing company that does bleach and naurto and they have the right to do what they want. Also it doesnt change the fact that if they get hit on a youtube video or copyright laws they are done. They are not in it for publicity but for fansubbing and when more people realize this then I hope more people will stop posting youtube videos of their stuff. Name one website that does fansubbing of bleach and naruto that is not dattebayo?

  11. Just do us a favor and don’t upload there stuff… Its not nice to do so when they ask you not to… And they do have the right to “copyright” it from you in youtube… Reason being is that they are the ones fansubbing it… They’re not copyrighting the anime, they’re copyrighting thier work on the subbing… So don’t complain >.>

  12. 2 minutes is still part of their work. You say that you do in the very least accept Dattebayos conditions, but yet in the FAQ #17: ….do NOT mirror our .torrent files, do NOT host our episodes “recompress” / cut-up / streaming, etc. I agree with the video being taken down 100%. These people work to sub a select few series and do so to provide a free service to others. I know there are other groups doing the same series so if you have a problem with what you call their “guerrilla tactics” then download from someone else. Another idea is if you’re going to review an episode find the raw file or use some other groups subs.

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