Mushi-shi: An Example of What Anime Can Be

I’ve recently discovered an amazing series. It’s new to me but it’s actually from 2004. And it’s called Mushi-shi.

What’s it about you ask?

Small life forms, called Mushi, are the lowest and most pure form of life that exists. They affect the world around them. They look like small little creatures, something that could easily look like they came from a Miyazaki work.

But the Mushi are only a means of a way to telling excellent short stories. I hope to be reviewing each of the episodes in future posts. The dvds are still coming out in the United States. I’ve gotten a torrent and I’m watching that way because I had no idea what the show was about. ANN gave it good review scores but that wasn’t enough for me. But I am seriously considering buying all the dvds, even if they are somewhat more expensive that usual (even for anime dvds).

But I implore each reader of this post to find a torrent a download the first episode or two. You’ll know it’s worth the money.


~ by bobber205 on July 7, 2008.

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