Newtype Ceases to Be and PiQ Takes Its Place

All anime fans are probably aware of Newtype and it crazy 12-13 dollars per issue cover price. Subscribing doesn’t save you much and costs around a hundred dollars.

Well say goodbye to Newtype and say Hello to PiQ !

Nice cover if you’re an Appleseed fan. However I am not pleased entirely with its new content.

  • 20% Anime
  • 20% Gaming
  • 20% U.S. Comics/Japanese Manga
  • 20% Genre Movies/TV/Home Video
  • 10% Toys/Collectibles
  • 5% Gadgets/Hi-Tech Gear
  • 5% Lifestyle (fashion, accessories, events)

Yuck. I have a video game magazine already. It’s called EGM and it kicks much ass. US comics? Please take that out and make it JUST manga. I’ve never known a manga/US comics fan in my life. The other categories are ok I guess. Newtype wasn’t 100% anime and manga so I guess I can live it those. What do you think?

I’ll buy the first issue (it’s only 6.99) and see how things go. If a subscription is 20 or 25 I’ll subscribe if I like what I see.

Thanks goes out to ANN for the story and pasted text (the list).


~ by bobber205 on January 22, 2008.

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