Dattebayo to stop Indefinitely? Yeah, whatever. GTFO.

I admin I haven’t seen an episode of Bleach. I still need to catch up. The fillers were becoming too much and I had other things to watch.

A couple days ago I tried going to http://www.dattebayo.com and it the url was mapping to my local apache webserver. Yeah. I was WTF too. Seems like it’s up today but dattebayo is saying they’re stopping subbing. Well I don’t believe it.  Do you? I sure hope not.


Let’s hope they’re kidding. No one is fast as Dattebayo


~ by bobber205 on December 31, 2007.

4 Responses to “Dattebayo to stop Indefinitely? Yeah, whatever. GTFO.”

  1. Dattebayo is a company that seems to be run by an idiot who grew up as an only child, was the world’s biggest nerd, was picked on at school, and now has a monopoly for fansubbing and tries to push people around cause he can’t get his way, or wants to flex his “corporate muscles”. No one gives a crap if they fansub or not, someone else can always pick it up.

  2. There’s a bunch of people that make up Dattebayo.

    It’s funny how people trash on them but keep going back for torrents.

    DB is the only one up to date on Naruto and the other Bleach subs a crap quality.

    90% of Bleach watchers would have to wait for dubs to catch up if Dattebayo quit subbing Bleach

  3. Thanks !

  4. Ugh.
    So what is BAWWWDebayo is the one subbing?
    Fucking idiots, if those retarded trolls drop it, SOME OTHER, VERY TALENTED FANSUBBING GROUP THAT ISN’T FULL OF TOTAL PRICKS will pick it up no sweat..
    Raws are an easy thing to get, there is always a supplier, usually in Japan, for obvious reasons…

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