Haruhi Suzuymiya Directing the Second Season

I am a happy man.

Are you happy now? Finally we have more details about the second season the Haruhi franchise. I think it’s pretty damn clever all the tricks they’re pulling. Haruhi “being” the director? The site disappearing and replaced with a reference to the “final” episode? All around, pretty neat. I am just hoping that the season will be more than 14 episodes! We want a full length one dammit! 😉


~ by bobber205 on December 18, 2007.

19 Responses to “Haruhi Suzuymiya Directing the Second Season”

  1. SERIOUSLY!! The fact that there were only 14 episodes in the first season kinda pisses me off… When will the the second season come out?

  2. I’ve heard around that it should be out in April.

  3. My god I’ve just finished the first season and I seriously want to see the next its killing me =.
    I must say the Director is a genius =D, especially the use of self awareness in the narration on ‘ep.00’

  4. 14 episodes is plenty for a season. TV show seasons have no real set length, so there’s no such thing as a ‘non full length one’ as long as there’s more than 5 episodes.

    If the first season is any indicator, the second season will probably have the same number of episodes.

    And about Haruhi being the director: whoop-dee-doo. Yes, it’s amusing, but its nothing that hasn’t been done before, and it isn’t really clever.

  5. hm. i loved this anime. it WAS clever. it WOULD have been nice if it was longer. seems to me that ur just trying to be a bitch, chris.

  6. Yes

  7. has there been any more info about the second season? i’ll admit, the season was long enough, but the ending was stupid. I want to see more!

  8. yah chris is just a piece of shit this was a great anime nd wen i first got to episode 14 nd it stopped i thought it was canceled nd i was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but now tht i hear there is a second season im a happy camper

  9. when is the new season going to be out he said april but its august now and no haruhi

  10. you probably watched the epsiodes in thier broadcast order. for some reason they decided to air it with the ending for the series sometime after the first couple of epsiodes. hopefully they won’t do this with the second season.

  11. My god. You people are assholes. Heckling someone for having an opinion. Would you prefer the series dragged on and on to the 200s when the director has run out of ideas making the series bland and uninteresting?
    Besides, who are you to have to right to heckle someone for having an opinion differing yours. His opinion is just as valid as yours. I personally agree with him. I am eagerly awaiting the second seasons release, but I am almost positive the series wont be anything new and interesting, because the 14 episodes were sufficient.
    I lol’d at myself for continuing an argument and defending someone 3 months in the past.

  12. The first season was very short, yes. But they had a good reason for it. The first season was the anime-version of the manga, and when they converted the manga to anime, they only got 14 episodes. Sure, they could have extended the season with new material, but it would have taken more time, and maybe they didn´t want to waste more time…. at that time. Hpefully, season 2 will be packed with 20-30 action-packed episodes 😀

  13. its october already where is the new season!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I think that it was an awesome anime,but it was so short that anyone with a sense of time would be infuriated,So im glad about season 2

  15. One person say that 14 episodes are enough! He or she is utterly and obvious “IDIOT”! Perhaps completely stupid about the whole concept of the story regarding the main character, Haruhi. When there is a beginning, there is always an end. The whole episode tells you the about Haruhi’s unaware special powers. But it doesn’t tell you where did she get this powers. And what is the real purpose for these members in play. Are they there for Haruhi or other good intentions for their own benefit. Buttom line, the whole 14 episodes was a DRAG. It was interesting but not so great! If there was a second season, that would be nice. Hope second season is more interesting that the first. Some of the ANIME story they are great at first. Seldom good in closing the story.

  16. but is there any real proof that there is going to be a 2nd season link plz this thing was posted almost a year is it true

  17. I didn’t happen.

  18. This anime ruled even with a let down ending. I thought it was great for the type of series it was made to be and the narration was a supperb ideal. also the ending could have been done that way in order to create a sorta vacume that could only be filled by a second season. all in all even though its and opinoin i’d give it an 8 out of 10

  19. This is my favorite anime, i really hope the second season comes out soon. I heard sometime in april, 2009. But that just might be the reruns of it playoing in chronological order

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