Youtube Rumors Clarification

Thought I should point this out:

Yesterday AnimeNewsNetwork linked to Anime Horizons in their AnswerMan weekly article. I was at first, and still am, very grateful for the traffic they have brought me (about 500 in two days). However, I did not start the rumor about youtube taking down AMVs. I linked to a blog ( in my original post. I meant to post where I originally found the information:


I apologize for not doing so.

I would like to say I visit Anime News Network every day, usually more than once. I love the site.

I am emailing their representatives with a link to this post to clarify anything. I am hoping they put in a  correction maybe If they don’t I understand how it may have seemed that I started the rumor. I just want all my readers to know that I did not make up the rumor or with any intentions on making people upset.

As a side note: if you want to read some interesting comments on the story (which at the time made it more believable for my anyway) go here.


~ by bobber205 on November 24, 2007.

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