A Step Ahead or a Step Backwards?

I seriously don’t understand the US anime industry.


There are several things wrong with this:

1) DRM sucks. Please understand this. No one wants DRM. Make it strict and you can only sell to Windows customers and they hate the restrictions you place. Make it too easy and everyone buys one eps and shares it around a group like a joint. There needs to be an inbetween!

2) Dubbed ONLY? WTF. No serious fan, and probably most casual fans, want dubbed only. If fansubbers can include each track, so can you ADV.

3) 4.00 dollars for dvd quality is crazy. 1.99 price point for all quality. Stop trying to make 4 dollars look like a deal.

Between all these things, I decided NOT to drop 40 bucks today on their site buying all that they have on Ah! My Goddess Season 2.

Sorry ADV. Try again and maybe you’ll get my money.

But their site is impressive

Sorry for being so ranty. 😀


~ by bobber205 on November 21, 2007.

One Response to “A Step Ahead or a Step Backwards?”

  1. Good thoughts….
    Good blog too.

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