Youtube To Take Down ALL AMVs. WTF

Youtube. WTF are you thinking. I don’t think you can find many people that agreeing with you here. In case you don’t know already, youtube has decided that AMVs constitute copyright infringment.

I wholeheartedly disagree. November 30th will be the last day I have any reason to go to youtube again. is a good alternative.


Many AMV editors submit their works to YouTube as it allows for straightforward uploading and viewing process. Due to the popularity and large user base of the site, YouTube is an option for an editor whose goal is heavy non-traditional AMV viewership and wide proliferation of their work. However, some creators have expressed an aversion to using the site to host their works due to the high level of video stream compression applied by YouTube. Also due to copyright laws, AMV’s are no longer allowed on Youtube. As of December 1, 2007 all AMVs on YouTube will be deleted and any future uploads beyond December 1 will be rejected. So, watch them while you can!


Here’s a link to another story on the subject.


~ by bobber205 on November 4, 2007.

4 Responses to “Youtube To Take Down ALL AMVs. WTF”

  1. Made of win and fail…
    nice try guy 😛

  2. pwned by

    never really did care for amvs though

  3. Answerman once again strikes down a false rumor! Yay =D

  4. haha another lie to put the community in uproar well you have been stopped by ann and the answerman column

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