It totally sucks to be about anybody in Higurashi

I have always liked the character Takano. She was drawn to be very attractive and I just love her seiyuu’s voice. Very unique. Well after episode 14 I can see that is sucks to be Takano. In 14 Higurashi finally bothers to go back in time to explain why’s she’s such a pyscho bitch. Apparently for very good reasons (of course).

Shortly into the episode, her parents are dead. You don’t even see her mother. Thanks to the wonderful people in the government, she ends up in a home for ophans. A terrible home.

I haven’t read the manga, so I do not know what’s going to happen. When I first saw this scene, I had no idea how mean that man in the green/gray shirt could possible be. You should have seen his face! I was hoping there wouldn’t be any sexual abuse in this arc. As far as what the episode showed, there wasn’t any.

Some poor kid (not named Oliver) spills his terrible looking meal on the floor and the mean jerk makes him eat it off the floor. Even going so far as to ignore the 5 second rule.

That night the girls (of course just girls) decide they’re escaping this hell hole.

Some of the express concerns on what might happen to them if they don’t escape. But they all end up finally deciding that it’s worth the risk. At one point they split up and head off in separate ways.

Takano just barely escapes from her intruders when the show brings the viewer back to the present. We see that Takano is getting research money for her grandfather’s project, the Hinimanzawa Syndrome.


Like how they managed to show just a LITTLE cleavage in the scene? Funny animators. The episode ends mysteriously and we’re all kind of left wondering. And at last we see where that photography man came into play. Why did Takano keep killing him if he was a true ally? I guess we’ll have to wait…


~ by bobber205 on October 28, 2007.

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  1. I like your site. You’ve got spunk and personality and I totally agree with you 100%.

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