Japan Takes Stand Against Fansubbers — teh sux

They do have a right to say everything they said.

The Japanese government issued a formal statement of requests to the government of the United States on regulatory reform and market competition policy on October 18, and included a request for the United States to help stop the unauthorized reproduction and distribution of Japanese animation online. Specifically, the formal statement mentions the spread of Japanese animation and other materials on video-sharing sites and peer-to-peer file-sharing networks.

Oh snap. I seriously doubt anything will come of this. What do you guys think? Is it serious? I buy my dvds like any fan should but I cannot get into spending 150 bucks on a series that I do not absolutely LOVE. It just simply is not going to happen. If I could get a season of just about any anime (26 eps) for 40 or under, I would make alot more impulse purchaes. Someday maybe…


~ by bobber205 on October 24, 2007.

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