Gundam 00 — Seems Like Wing To Me

😉 I’m just kidding of course.

The episode starts off with about 12 whole minutes of nearly pure exhibition.

Flag for one of three states.

Some other bloggers and news site have pointed out that this Gundam is unique in the sense it is the only one that takes place in the Gregorian calendar or AH. And they’re right of course. To me, timelines have never really been an issue though. 😉


Seriously WHAT is the gender of this pilot? I know they references to it with “him” but still. I call foul play animators! That totally does not look like a dude and you know it. Stop tricking us. Regardless, we’re treated to some exposition with the above pilot Tiera and someone’s whose name I can’t currently recall. Ah. No biggie. I’ll learn them all as the series progresses as do most of the viewers. 🙂

The typical “This is what happened to our units last unit” video. See how the add the lines in there to show it’s a computer screen?

Everyone seems pretty damn worried about all those new fangled mobile suits called Gundam. Each group’s perspective leader comments on the mission statement of Celestial Beings.

Two characters voices by the most badass seiyuu-tachi ever.

I for one am thrilled that Gundam 00 picked Urahara’s and Light’s voice actors to voice two of the main characters. Bleach and Gundam fans overlap somewhat but most Gundam fans I’ve talked to are not too familiar with Death Note, particularly the anime.

What looks like the main villain from SEED and the head scientist from RahXepheon are upset with the new Gundams. Mr. Blonde is “aroused” by the Gundams he says and go off to prepare his mobile suit to do battle. While all this is going on Tiera and Alleljuah are heading to earth to join up with Setsuna and Lockon. Apparently a moderate sized war is going on Sri Lanka and the Gundam acts together as a team and ends the battle.

Setsuna kicking ass.

Tiera taking out a battlecruiser in one hit. Snap.

An example of some of the more fluid animation that I’ve seen in awhile.

After the battle ends the Gundam are flying back to the “base” or wherever they’re headed and this new “Flag” type of mobile suit transforms and puts up what seems like a decent fight against Setsuna. But then the episode ends, leaving us wanting more of course. How clever.

When is this show on again?!!? 😉

We have to wait till next week… Is this guy going to be any good?


~ by bobber205 on October 20, 2007.

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