Dattebayo — Owners of YHBT Ownage

While I tend to mostly post about reviews on new anime shows, I would like to make an editorial post.  WTF is wrong with Dattebayo? I must be new to this internet thing if I am still getting trolled by those assholes again and again. I do love what they do. They sub Bleach, one of my favorite current anime titles and they do a pretty decent job. And they’re damn fast. But they’re also huge jerks.

Case in point: if you’re reading my blog, then you surely know that in July they decided to fool everyone into thinking that some members, their members, were arrested at Otacon and were put in jail for copyright infringement issues. I was sincerely worried about them for nearly a week until someone pointed out that if you Ctrl-A the page, you would see the YHBT (you have been trolled) symbol.


Anyway, a few days ago they said they were no longer subbing Bleach. Here comes Wednesday and what do you know. YHBT. At least I checked the page with Ctrl A this time. 😉


~ by bobber205 on October 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “Dattebayo — Owners of YHBT Ownage”

  1. Hey, it only sucks if you get tricked. Dattebayo almost always releases their episodes within about 24 hours of the show being shown in Japan. If you want to know if its for real or not when YHBT doesn’t appear, just go check to see if the show was shown in Japan or not this week.

  2. well it’s definitely true that the dattebayo crew are a bunch of pompous pricks.

    they have really bad attitudes for some reason.

    won’t stop me from downloading their torrents though.

    i’m sure the excuse they use is “we get pestered with stupid questions all the time”

    well a question only seems stupid to someone who knows the answer. think about that.

  3. Well, I am new to the whole bit torrent thing. I don’t know much about it, and I was watching the bleach videos on veoh until now. Only thing is, I am worried I am going to inadvertantly do something wrong to piss them off and they will ban me, because I really don’t understand all the stuff in the ” what will get me banned ” section. They say about reloading the front page or something. Am I not supposed to download any torrents or their homepage more than once in 30 minutes? I’m a bit paranoid now, because so far, I only downloaded 3 files, but on my last one, it just stopped and wouldn’t download. So I was wondering if I got banned for something…but I can’t ask them, cause if I’m not already banned, they might ban me just for asking : /

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