Yes. Gundam 00 So Far Is Nothing Like Seed

And for the sake of the series and for most fans of gundam I know that grew up on the “classics”, I’m sure that’s a good thing. Gundam 00, as of episode 1, is turning out to be quite the space drama. I count 8 times where they put “This is now this place” text on the screen. Thats’ how you know it’s a space drama, when they’re jumping long distances to new places with no time to introduce the characters or place.

Gundam 00 starts in the past with the main character, Setsena, as a kid.

Young Setsena.

(Forgive any name misspellings). Young Setsena seems to be part of the “infidels” and is a young fighter with what looks like a submachine gun. In a classic Gundam moment, he is saved just in time by a mysterious Gundam.

Of course.

He’s saved by that mysterious Gundam and then BAM! The opening. Which rocks by the way. The show then shifts gears to modern day with the AEU showing off for what I can only assume are important businessmen/military personnel their new unit.

Looks like a boss character in Star Fox…

This Gundam is piloted by their “Ace” of mock battles. Sure. This guy must be really great. The Gundam moves fairly impressively and takes out all its targets, much to the pleasure of its audience. When it’s all over and everyone is sitting down from their standing ovation, our Gundam shows up.

Nice back.

He jams all communications (reminds me of SEED) on his way down and proceeds to kick the crap out of the mobile suit below. This Gundam has a fairly good sized blade on its arm that he uses. Underneath the knife is also a laser gun/pistol. Having accomplished his mission he sets back off for space. The guards aren’t far behind and much to the surprise of Setsena there are mobile suits in the giant tower that leads into the sky. It’s not looking too great for him when he’s saved by another Gundam. A particularly awesome one.


Yes. If you’re a fan of Bleachm you might have noticed that the seiyuu for this guy is Urahara’s seiyuu. Awesome. He snips the renaming Gundams and the shows goes on.

(Setsena pwning the last guard)

Now we’re in space on some artificial satellite. A party is being held to, I think, to celebrate the AEU’s 10 anniversary (I could be wrong). Since so many important people are going to be there, terrorists of course have to attack. This gives us an excuse to introduce the last two gundams. They defend the satellite with ease.

Niiiiice outfit.

This hot chick above (and handsome man if you’re so inclined) know that the place will be attacked and they know that a Gundam will end up saving it. The high publicity of the event gets the Gundams on TV. This leads to the main plot point. These Gundam named mobile suits are from a group called “Celestial Beings”. The pilots are called “Gundam Meisters”. They exist in the world to eradicate war. This irony is pointed out in the show.

Presumably the head of Celestial Beings. Bet he has a badass Gundam.

A couple notes about this show. They already have Urahara’s Seiyuu in the show. And they also have Mamoru Miyano.
That’s the seiyuu (voice actor btw) for Light off of freakin’ Death Note. Regardless this show sucks or not, I’ll love every line Setsena says.

That’s it for this week. Oh. One last thing. Did any of you guys think this dude was a chick?

A Pat?

His/her name is Tiera. Very girl. But the voice is manly. What’s going on?


~ by bobber205 on October 13, 2007.

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