My Blog Begins With an Ending — lol

Wow. I cannot say how much I sincerely enjoyed Higurashi 13. An excellent episode all around. Let’s get straight to the review and screencaps why dont’ we?

Ouch. Takano’s guards come rushing in. Sucks to be the police in this show huh?

The shows starts moving the plot along quite quickly, not wasting any time. You know what’s going to happen if you’ve followed the show at all. Takano is bad and is the one that had been the evil doer the whole time. We all know that by now. And I would guess at least 99% of all viewers know that everyone has to die in 22 minutes. Getting there is undoubtedly the fun part of the show. I personally do not know how it ends (don’t spoil it! šŸ˜‰ ) but I hope one arc ends resolved.

As I was saying, the guards rush in and Rika and Satako get the hell out. Satoko mentions laying some traps (like it’ll help but it’s still cute)


One of the reasons I love anime is its non American stereotyped plot devices. But from SOME reason, Rika trips. Being the person she is, she screams “Run without me! Save yourself”. Why did she trip? That forest path looked pretty clean. Must have been nerves.

That’s why a young girl like her had a “chest”.

In only anime, can a young girl somehow hold some giant smoke/haze bomb in her shirt and it not show. šŸ˜€ This slows the guars down just enough for them to continue escaping. But then! All of a sudden! It looks worse! The guards are catching up and now instead of two, there 4. Call in the kick ass brigade.

Keiichi finally doesn’t kill someone with the bat…

Keiichi and friends proceed to get in on the action and promptly take out each of the guards. Rena’s cleaver, unfortunately, gets used with the blunt side doing the damage.


After they catch up and explain why they came back to help, Rena exclaims how they’re finally beating and changing fate with the help of their friends. Hanyuu, as usual, is doubtful that such a thing could ever happen. Rena says they should go to Mion’s house and wait in her torture basement. As they run off…

Keiichi is shot.

Poor Keiichi. He’s shot and killed by Takano. A very emotional scene plays out and then eventually decide to leave him and continue to try to escape. Now even if the do escape and the town isn’t killed, Keiichi is still dead. They’ve lost one member. In the next few minutes, Mion and Rena decide to talk and defend the group against Takano’s rage while the rest move on.

One last freako laugh Rena?

Mion is the first to choose to stay behind

Though I’ve seen these characters die before, it was still sad. Poor Rena and Mion are likely shot in the head as far as I can tell. Things do not end well for the group. Satoko, Shion and Rika, are captured and, aside from Rika, are shot in the head. In a weird ghost scene, they determine that only if Hanyuu was determined to beat fate like they were, that they would have won.

Damn Hanyuu.

Everyone in the village is killed by posion gas and the story ends with proof that the government is directly involved. Maybe the next arc will turn out better?

Sad really.

Overall an excellent episode. A solid 9/10.

Next week should be good.


~ by bobber205 on October 12, 2007.

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